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Optical Illusions

Can you see the image in the photo?






Is it Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe?

From close it appears to be Albert Einstein but move further away his mustache disappears and it looks like Marilyn Monroe.


Are these purple lines straight or curved?

The lines are straight but the other lines give them the appearance of being curved. Get a ruler out to check if it is curved!

Do you see a vase or two faces?

If you look at the black you should see a vase; if you look at the white space you should see two faces!


 Do you see a young lady or an old lady?

If you look at the black at the top it could be the hair of the young lady and the black at the bottom is her fur with a thin line as a necklace; that necklace can then become the mouth of the old lady, the chest of the young lady becomes the chin of the old lady, the ear of the young lady becomes the left eye of the old lady, and the chin of the young lady becomes the nose of the old lady.

Is this an Eskimo or a Native American?

The white shows an Eskimo with a large jacket looking into the black space; the black can be the hair of the Native American with the thin line at the bottom of the coat being his mouth and his left arm is the nose.

Can you see the cow now?




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