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Unable to wear contact lenses?

When I was in optometry school my eyes became really sensitive to contact lenses. I could only wear them for a few hours at a time. The discomfort meant that I became a full time glasses wearer. When new contact lenses came out I tried them and they were incredibly uncomfortable. Like many of my patients I blamed the discomfort on the contact lenses and decided Lasik would be a good option for me. I had Lasik, and guess what…my eyes were even worse off. I still needed a prescription for glasses and my eyes felt uncomfortable all of the time. Do I regret Lasik? No, but I do wish I had been better informed to know that my issue was not with my contact lenses but with my eyes. Treating the underlying problem would have helped me to be more comfortable in my contact lenses. At least we know better now… if we treat the underlying problem then contact lenses could still be a possibility for you.


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