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Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Help is on the way for people with dry, uncomfortable contact lenses!

Did you know that there are now many contact lenses to help dry eyes available?

Daily contact lenses are a great option for people who are experiencing discomfort with their current contact lenses. And now, daily lenses are available in contact lenses for astigmatism and in multifocal contact lenses. That means if you need help with the contact lenses for reading or if you have astigmatism you don’t have to compromise your vision needs for discomfort. Check out some of the types of contact lenses available below:

  • The Dailies Total 1 and the Acuvue Oasys are made of newer generation of materials that allow more oxygen to get to your cornea through the contact lenses. As a dry eye sufferer I find both of these contact to be completely comfortable.

  • The Acuvue Oasys Daily contact lenses are now available. This is a lens that I have been waiting for because the regular Oasys Daily contact lenses do so well for patients and it if finally here and is has not disappointed! Patients are loving the comfort of these lenses. 
  • The Dailies Total 1 has a multifocal available now. This is a lens that has combined the technology for the multifocal that is used in my favorite multifocal lens into one of my absolute favorite daily lenses and my Albuquerque patients are loving it! 
  • If these lenses happen to not fit your needs than other lenses are available for you as well. One lens that have been used with therapeutic benefits for people suffering from dry eyes is a scleral contact lens. This is a hard contact lens that you fill with a sterile saline solution, or in some cases with an artificial tear or more advanced solutions for dry eyes. With the solution filling the bowl you insert the contact lens into the eye and the solution is able to stay on the cornea and help relieve symptoms. This is a great options for people suffering with symptoms and not getting the relief they need from other avenues. 

So if you have been suffering from contact lens discomfort or if have given up on contact lenses, there is hope! Come in and see us and let us help find a solution for you. We are excited to help.

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