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Low Vision Aids in New Mexico

Introducing Eyes of New Mexico Low Vision Resource Center

One of the biggest problems with losing vision is that people also lose their independence. Did you know there are many low vision aids that can help people to maintain a level of independence? Below are a list of some of the ways we can help people to maintain independence:


  • Closed Circuit Televisions-these are computers that allow you to put material underneath them and they put the enlarged image on the computer screen.
  • Hand Held CCTVs-These are similar but they allow you to take a portable device where ever you go.
  • Head mounted video enlargers- There are a few different devices that can be worn on your head to enlarge objects to see more distance objects while allowing you to magnify objects to read as well.
  • Hand held magnifiers- these are the typical magnifying glasses that people are accustomed to seeing. The hand held magnifiers that help patients the most are the ones with a light source. Lighting is so important for people with vision loss.
  • Stand magnifiers- these are magnifiers that have a stand built in. The stand helps to ensure the image is always focused for a person. This is often a good option for someone with a hand tremor.


  • Hand held telescopes- hand held telescopes are something you can keep in your pocket or hand around your neck and when you need to look at something in the distance you simply put it in front of you eyes. Telescopes do give a reduced field of view so you wouldn’t want to use it all the time because you would lose peripheral vision information which is really important for mobility.
  • Bioptic telescopes- these are telescopes that are mounted to the glasses. They allow a person to tilt their head to get some peripheral vision information and then move their head back up to see far away again.
  • Max TV or clip on magnifiers- there are a few clip ons for glasses or stand alone glasses that can give magnification for the distance with a wide field of view to allow for watching television more comfortably.

Activities of Daily Living:

  • There are many activities that you could do easily with vision that tend to become a problem when vision problems arise. It is important to identify what the trouble areas are to address how to fix them. Contrast is a huge obstacle when vision loss occurs.  Having higher contrast helps people to better distinguish changes, especially for mobility, to help ensure people don’t trip and fall. If we can identify an area of need we can come up with solutions to help improve the quality of life.
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