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Did you know there are contact lenses that you can sleep in at night and wake up and see in the morning without glasses or contact lenses? Did you know these contact lenses can help you to see up close and far away? Did you know that these contact lenses can also help slow the progression of myopia in young kids? This is especially important in kids whose parents are highly nearsighted.

Ortho keratology has been around for a while but the advances in the technology available to fit these lenses has improved immensely.  The contact lenses that we fit in our office are custom made for each individual patient based in the topographical shape of the patient’s eye.

Wave contact lenses give patients a completely custom contact lens fit for the best possible results.

If you are tired of contact lenses or glasses and are looking for an alternative to surgically altering you eyes please call today to make an appointment.

If your children are young and already in glasses and you pray everyday that they won’t continue to progress please come see us.

The customization of these contacts means that we can find a potential visual solution for most people who are typically very challenging to fit. While doing this we can often times provide better vision and comfort to patients.

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