Driving Solutions for Visually Impaired

Did you know that in many states people with visual impairments can drive with a telescope mounted to their glasses called a bioptic telescope? Currently the law in New Mexico allows for drivers to drive with a bioptic telescope but they will not allow drivers to take the driving test through the bioptic telescope. In order to qualify for a non restricted drivers license in New Mexico you central vision has to measure 20/40 or better in the better seeing eye. In order to qualify for a restricted license a driver can have vision no worse than 20/80 in the better seeing eye. In other states, such as Arizona, you can use the bioptic telescope to take your drivers test. While this allows you to pass the drivers test there is much training that a person has to go through in order to qualify to drive using the bioptic.

We fit bioptic telescopes here at Eyes of New Mexico. We will mount the telescope to a pair of glasses with you custom glasses prescription in the lens. We will train you on use of the telescope and how to get in and out of the telescope as quickly as possible. When using a bioptic telescope you are not using the telescope to drive. The telescope will restrict your peripheral vision. This is simply used for spotting. A driver spots through the telescope and then looks back out within one second.

Dr. Martinez is working on getting the law changed in New Mexico to allow the same driving rights for our community as is allowed is the majority of other states. If you would like to assist her in the process please feel free to reach out to us.