Low Vision Center

We are proud to offer solutions to help our patients with visual impairments maintain their independence. Our main goal is to identify what you vision needs are and to help provide solutions to meet those needs. Solutions can include devices to help magnify objects that are necessary to see in the distance and up close and coming up with solutions to help with daily tasks. It is simple, we want to help you do what you want to do.

Coming Soon: We are setting up a retail location here at our office in Albuquerque for our visually impaired community to come and meet their vision needs locally.

Interested in Technology? Go to the link below to explore some of what is available for you. We can get any of these items into the office to try.

Video Magnification

Dr. Martinez is also working tirelessly on behalf of the visually impaired community to try to bring to New Mexico a change in the bioptic driving laws. If this is something you are interested in helping with or if you have any insight as to how to make this happen please contact us!