Orthokeratology (also referred to as Ortho-K, Corneal Molding, Corneal Reshaping, Overnight Vision CorrectionCorneal Refractive Therapy and CRT)

We use gas permeable lenses at night to shape the eye to wear no glasses or contact lenses are necessary during the day.

Candidates for Ortho K include but are not limited to:

  • Children who are nearsighted and their prescription continues to worsen each time they get their eyes checked, this is also known as myopia control.
  • Patients over 40 years old who need distance and reading glasses and would prefer to be out of glasses
  • People who are outdoors all the time and would prefer to not deal with the hassle of wearing glasses or contact lenses
  • Athletes who need vision for their sports and would like freedom from their glasses and contact lenses, swimmers are a great example of an athlete that would benefit from this.
  • People who would prefer a non-surgical, non-permanent option for vision that would allow freedom from glasses and contact lenses

How is what we do different from other Orthokeratology providers in Albuquerque, New Mexico?

  • The contact lenses we fit in our office is custom fit to each individual allowing us to work with prescriptions well outside of the typical ranges of these contact lenses
  • Because of the custom nature of the contact lenses we should see more success with helping to prevent further eye growth and nearsighted progression
  • We are able to neutralize astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and help patients with presbyopia with a contact lens that is custom designed for you eye

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