Albuquerque Eye Doctor / Eye Examination Services

Primary Eye Care

We offer comprehensive eye exams that include an evaluation of your central vision, side vision, binocular vision, your prescription for glasses, as well as monitoring the health of both the front and back of the eye. Regular eye exams not only keep you up to date with your current eyeglass prescription, but are important in the early detection and treatment of eye disorders and diseases.

Ocular Disease Diagnosis and Management

We are both well qualified to diagnose and manage ocular diseases such as infections caused by contact lens wear, corneal ulcers, foreign bodies, iritis, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal holes, among many others.  There are new ways that help us obtain much better views inside the eye to better detect and manage some of these eye diseases often before you notice any obvious symptoms.  We now offer all of our patients an OCT exam and a Visual Field exam.  When a condition is beyond our scope of practice, we will get you referred as soon as possible to the best, most appropriate doctor for your condition and set that appointment for you.

Contact Lenses

We prescribe contact lens to meet each individual’s needs. This can be a daily disposable contact lens for someone who enjoys outdoor activities, someone who suffers from dry eyes, or for someone who is a first time contact lens wearer. It can be a multifocal contact lens to help people to be able to see both in the distance and at near. We prescribe specialty contact lenses for patients with high refractive errors including astigmatism, keratoconus, post surgical problems, or post corneal transplants. We also fit scleral contact lenses. Scleral contact lenses are large diameter hard lenses. The deliver the vision benefits of a traditional rigid gas permeable lens with the comfort similar to a soft contact lens. We do our very best to custom fit every patient with the contact lenses that best fit your needs.


We are a very pediatric friendly practice. Dr. Martinez completed a residency working with patients of all ages that had many different ocular complications and she is comfortable managing these patients. She also worked extensively with patients with special needs and is comfortable seeing patients of all functioning levels. Function vision exams for these patients can often give parents and teachers new information about how the patient functions best visually to help set them up for the most optimal learning environment. Dr. Martinez has had extensive training in optometry school evaluating and managing children and love to see them in our office.

Low Vision

Patients whose vision cannot be helped simply with glasses or contact lenses often feel like there is nothing else for them to do and can be left feeling helpless. Our goal for patients with visual impairments is to get them the necessary devices and training to help them regain their independence in their individual daily routines. This can be as simple as suggesting a computer device to help magnify objects or getting them a telescope to improve their distance viewing. It can be prescribing a device to allow them to watch TV or a hand held magnifier to help them read again. We will try whatever device we need to get our patients leaving our office with more visual function than which they came.

Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation: Dr. Martinez received extensive training on evaluating patients that have a history of a brain injury and to rule out and manage any ocular consequences of the injury. This can be through adding prisms for patients with double vision, scanning training or special prisms for patients with peripheral vision loss, colored contact lenses or special filters for patients with light sensitivity (especially soldiers returning from war), or any other problems that may be present that we can help diagnose and manage.

Lasik Co-Management

We work with TLC Laser Center to co-manage our patients that would like to have refractive surgery.