Low Vision Services

Low Vision Services

  • Low Vision Evaluation- We evaluate your level of vision, what the reason for you vision loss is and what you goals are and put all of the information together to develop custom treatment options for each individual.

  • Reading is a big issue for a lot of our patients. We do our best to give as many options for magnification as possible. It is important to understand that many of our patients will need some additional training to relearn their vision before they will be successful with magnification.

  • Available low vision devices for near tasks includes but is not limited to: hand held magnifiers, stand magnifiers, high powered reading glasses, closer circuit televisions (CCTVs), tablets, and electronic reading devices.

  • Distance devices include hand held telescopes, spectacle mounted telescopes, electronic devices with cameras or devices that link to distance tasks.

  • If your peripheral vision has been impacted we can fit a prism on the outside of a lens that helps train a patient to scan. We often use line guides to help the patient scan when reading.

In short, there are a lot of different things we can do for individuals with visual impairments and we custom create a plan for each person.