Optical Services

We take great pride in offering the best lenses and great frames to go with them. There are several different lens choices that will give you a better lens experience, here are a few:

  • Anti-Reflective Treatments- this allows you to see more comfortably without so much glare.
  • Trivex/High Index Lenses- depending on your level of prescription we will put you in the best lens for your prescription to help make the lenses as thin/light as you need them.
  • Free Form Lenses-Digitally cut lenses allow us to completely custom make the glasses to your eyes. This decreases the swimming effect and some of the distortion that is often associated with higher prescriptions and prescriptions for astigmatism.
  • Up-to-Date Progressive Lenses- our progressive lenses are the latest designs on the market allowing the best use of each different part of the lens to provide optimal optics.

When it comes to progressive lenses there are 4 things that we often find will give a patient a poor experience with a progressive lens:

  1. The patient doesn’t give the lenses enough time to get used to them. We recommend that all of our new progressive wearers commit to wearing their glasses for at least the first 2-3 weeks full time. This gives you the time to learn how to use the lens.
  2. The patient gets poor technology in the progressives. The difference in technology available can be the difference between the 1980’s cell phones and your iPhone 7. They really aren’t comparable. The newer generation of technology allows more natural viewing conditions, wider space for the computer and less distortion in the peripheral lens.
  3. If the measurements are taken incorrectly. If the measurements are measured are taken too high the patient may be looking through the reading portion of the lens making the distance vision blurry. We use the Optikam to digitally take all of the measurements for the progressive lenses to ensure the best accuracy.
  4. If you choose a frame that is too small. We try to discourage all of our progressive patients from picking a frame that is too small. Although we can accommodate a smaller frame with a progressive lens when you choose a small frame it makes it more difficult to use the different parts of the lens for reading/intermediate/distance.