Primary Eye Care

Primary Eye Care

We offer comprehensive eye exams that include an evaluation of your central vision, side vision, binocular vision, your prescription for glasses, as well as monitoring the health of both the front and back of the eye. Regular eye exams not only keep you up to date with your current eyeglass prescription, but are important in the early detection and treatment of eye disorders and diseases.


Optomap is a retinal camera that allows us to see much of the peripheral retina sparing you the hassle and discomfort of dilation drops. It also gives us a documented picture of the retina which allows us to monitor for any retinal changes from visit to visit. If we do see anything of concern on the pictures we may still want to dilate your eyes, but in general this camera provides a great retinal screening without the use of dilating drops.

Complete Wellness Screening

When you do the Optomap we offer an additional test that allows us to see a cross sectional view of the macula and it does an additional scan to screen for glaucoma.

Dry Eye Management

Many patients struggle with the chronic nature of dry eye syndrome. This is something that has become a huge part of our world with computer/device/phone use. We are dedicated to helping be more proactive rather than reactive to dry eyes so we now scan every patients meibomian glands for any signs of early or more advanced changes.