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Medicaid Centennial Plan Patients: If you have a Medicaid Centennial plan please call our office directly to schedule an appointment at 505-565-5112.

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All payments are due at the time of service. We accept Care Credit, Visa, MasterCard, FSA, HSA, check and cash.

What is Optomap (Daytona)?

A Fast painless comfortable image that is taken of the retina. It captures 200 degree view of the retina in a single image and its about 82% of the retina. This image is reviewed with the patient by the doctor in the exam room. It is used as your baseline and used for future years to do side by side comparisons of any possible changes to the retina. Images can also be provided to the patients by request.

What is OCT (Optovue)?

A high-resolution, cross-sectional and three-dimensional image of the retina, optic disc and anterior segment of the eye. This allows the provider to see cross-section picture of the eye showing each distinctive layer. This is a non-evasive instrument that assist with detecting mascular degeneration as well as assisting with treatment for glaucoma and other eye diseases.

What is a Topography?

A no-invasive medical imaging technique for mapping the surface curvature of the cornea (the outer structure of the eye).

What is Meibo-Scan (Meibography)?

These are images taken of the bottom eyelid showing the meibomian glands. Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is a common eye condition, yet many people don't realize they have it. Morphological change in the gland tissue can be classified with the Jenvis meibo grading scales. Our provider reviews the images with you.

What is a lcare tonometer?

A light weight instrument utilized to provide accurate, objective TOP readings. Requires no drops. This instrument makes momentary and gentle contact with the cornea utilizing rebound technology this eliminates corneal disruption and patient discomfort.